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Friday, September 01, 2006

What to do on the first class??

Some ideas to meet the new pupils...

1. My favourite Things
Talk with your class about their favourite things. You may ask the children to do a picture of either activities they like doing or favourite toys, games, books, etc. You may even bring pictures of your favourite things to class and show them to your students. After that , have them sit in a circle on the floor and ask them to show the picture to their friends. They may practise. "This is me. I like ..." Hang the pictures around.

2. Hide and Guess
Have your students sit in a circle. Pick one to go outside the room . Hide another student under a blanket in the middle of the circle. Have the first student come back to the classroom and guess who is under the blanket.

3. Memory Chain
Each student says his/her name and makes a gesture for something he/she likes to do. The next student has to repeat what the previous said and say his own name/gesture.

4. Hot Potato
you need a soft ball and a bomb clock. A student says "Hello. My name is..." and passes the ball to the next student and so on until times up. The student with the ball and who is speaking has to sit.

5. Blindfold
Blindfold a student and he/she has to guess the name of another student only by touch.

6. Guess who
Teacher gives clues about somebody and students have to guess who he/she is.

7. Name Recognition: The envelope game.
Write each child's name on an envelope using capital letters. Cut the letters for each child's name and put the letters inside the envelope. Distribute the envelopes and ask students to put the letters in the correct order to form names. When they finish they have to deliver the envelope to the right student.

8. Hello Game
All the children sit on chairs in a circle. The teacher is in the middle and goes up to a child, shake hands and say "Hello, my name is ....". The others students also stand up and introduce themselves to other students. When all the children are up and moving about the Teacher makes a noise with a drum or a whistle. The children must run and find a seat. There will be on seat too few.

9. Moving chairs
After a brief introduction ask student to arrange themselves alphabetically according to the first name.

10. Messages in Bottles
Let students prepare drawings/short messages about their favourites. Ask them to put their messages in plastic bottles. Then each child pick up a bottle and has to guess to whom this bottle belongs to.