What day is it Today????

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We are playing

When u have a few extra time just play a game...

1. ABC Bingo
Ask students to write two words in English (you can choose a topic) - e.g. BLUE / PINK.
Have a set of ABC in a bag. Take one letter. The students who have it can cross of this letter. The first one to finish the words wins.

2. Jumbled Words
Write some jumbled words on the board. Students have to guess the words.

3. Bomb Number
Take a number from a bowl and then pass a ball/balloon while the students count. When they reach the number you've taken, the student who has the ball loses.

4. Spell the word
Ask your class to sit in groups. Give each group a cardboard with mini post-its stuck inside. Each of the post-its should have letters of the alphabet written on. (make sure that there are sufficient of the most commonly used letters). Dictate some familiar words to your class while they race to spell the word with their post-its letters. The group that spells the word correctly first wins.

5. Who is it?
Cover a picture of a famous person with numbered post-its. Divide the class into groups and ask them to choose a number in turn. each number has a corresponding question. If they answer correctly, remove the post-it and the group can have one guess to identify the mystery person. Continue until one group gives the correct answer. (If they get the answer wrong you can cover the picture again).

I'll give you some more tips another day...I'm waiting for your ideas. Just comment or send them in an e-mail to me and then I post them in the blog.