What day is it Today????

Monday, September 18, 2006

Routines/Classroom Management

- Control entry and exit of class
e.g. Give them a password to enter or leave the class;
Ask them questions;
Always line up
Any more ideas???

- Get visual attention at the beginning
e.g. a word puzzle on the BB
What else can we do??
- Give tasks to children
e.g. Ask specific Sts. to deliver the books, material, worksheet ; clean the board...

- Have a system to reward effort and behavior (perhaps u could make a competition between different classes)
e.g. Points scale (if the sts behave badly the T. takes out some points)
Bottle to fill with buttons(sts get buttons if they behave correctly)

Any more ideas??

- Write the Date/Weather and make it interactive(with the help of sts.)

- Attracting attention: To attract sts attention ( for instance to signal the end of an activity) use a musical instrument; put your hands up...

Can you remember something else??

- Register: Sts should always answer in English (e.g. I'm here)
After some time T can ask a student to tell him who is absent/missing

- Speak English
It is very easy to use your mother tongue when asking children to do things. It's easier and quicker. But our aim is to teach English. So use it as often as possible. Use gestures to help u.