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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Getting to know you games

Some more ideas...

1. Students listen, sing and gesture a song (e.g. Row, row your boat or The wheels on the bus). After that they draw a boat / bus in a poster and put windows where they glue these photos or draw their pictures.

2. Students draw their hands in a piece of paper, cut it out, write their name and decorate it. After that they glue their hands in a big poster.

3. Students write their names in a post-it and put it in a box. A student pick a paper from the box and the teacher blindfolds him, who has to find where that person is by asking the question "what's your name?". ( It's similar to the cabra-cega) If he founds him, the students tags his name in his clothes.

4. Students write their name in a piece of paper and a word that begins with the same letter in the back of the paper. After that, they present their works and put their names in their tables in front of them.

5. Memory Game
A students says his name. The next one has to say his own name and the previous ones.
eg. My name is .... His/her name is...