What day is it Today????

Sunday, September 30, 2007

International House Lisbon

1º Ciclo
Sessions on Wednesdays

October 31st
Cross Curricular ApproachesWe will look at ways of incorporating sujects such as maths, geography, science and history in the younger learner classroom, in other words, Content Based Teaching.

November 28th
Fantasy and ImaginationAn unlimited supply of ideas and creativity is to be found inside the heads of our learners. How can we tap this valuable resource to the full and really get their creative juices juices flowing?

December 12th
Chunking and Extended ProductionColours, numbers and animals are all fairly common lexical areas but they tend to require single-item production. We will look at this area and ways of encouraging our learners to produce longer stretches of language.

January 23rd
Geting the energy rightAn exploration of how to get the right amount of settle and stir in the classroom. Recipes for the well-balanced class which maximise children's energy but also help them focus.

February 27th
Craft Children often enjoy making things in class. Ideas for language lessons built around the idea of making crafts with children.

March 5th
Total Physical Response Fun and original ways to get children using physical movement to aid learning and make English more memorable.

April 23rd
Correction Do children mind being corrected? We will look at how to vary correction and yet use it systematically with a view to avoiding mistakes before they become fossilised and, therefore, harder to deal with.

May 2nd
The SeasideSummer approaches and our learners start thinking about the beach and holidays. Why not use this to our advantage in the classroom? Ideas for language learning based on this theme.