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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Passing games

Pass the card – we pass a set of the picture flashcards around, and when Teacher says STOP, the child with the flashcard has to hold it up and saywhat he/ she’s got in English. We all clap if they get it right, if they aren’t sure, Teacher asks ‘Can we help?’ (or another child quickly asks instead!!!)

Pass the object - According to each topic, Teacher can choose certain objects: decorative fruits, puppet animals, coloured soft balls, etc;
- Children sit in a circle;
- Teacher passes an object and say its name. Then, children pass the object around the circle repeating the word when they get the object;
- Tecaher introduces another object and then we have two objects passing round and round. If they get the word wrong, they stop playing (if they say apple and it's a banana for instance). When there are only two children left, they are the winners and the game is over.
- Depending on the level and age group we can introduce more objects. It's so much fun!
- If only playing with two objects at a time, one could go in a direction and the other object in the other way round. It gets so much fun this way!