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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Teaching Clothes

Learning Pre-requisites: colours, numbers, body parts, ABC

Flashcards - http://www.mes-english.com/flashcards/clothes.php
Photocopies of a body for children to draw clothes
Students note books
Clothes (Realia)
Dice, board game
Photocopies of items of clothing- http://www.kizclub.com/teaching.htm
A3 Colour Paper
Sell tape, felt-tip pens, crayons, scissors and glue
Lesson 1

1. Routine: Register using a password; Date ; Weather (5mins)

2. Drilling: The teacher shows some flashcards, and asks the students if they can guess what they are going to learn. (3mins)

3. The Teacher chooses a volunteer to come to the front of the class. At this stage it's a good idea to choose someone you know likes drawing and is fairly quick at it.
Teacher draws a t-shirt on his back and the student has to draw onto the board what he thinks you drew on his back. Do the same for a couple more items of clothing.
Then distribute small flashcards to the children and in pairs they have to secretly pick a card and draw what they see onto their partners back. The partner has to draw onto a piece of paper what they think their partner drew on their back.
After about five minutes or as soon the first pair has finished you can start asking children to come to the board and glue the flashcard on the walls or draw the item of clothing on the board. Then when all the items are on the board, the teacher elicits and provides the words. (15min)

4. Check understanding: The Teacher plays shop sticks. Students have to grab a piece of paper with sticks if they do, they’ll have to answer a question. (15min)

5. The Teacher distributes photocopies with a model of a body. And describes what the model is wearing; "Susan is wearing a blue skirt." They have to draw onto the picture the clothes that you describe, colouring them as you describe.(20min)

6. Self assessment (2mins)

7. Behaviour evaluation (3mins: This is done during the class)

(For the next class students take from a box a flashcard that is going to be their password)

Lesson 2

Routine: Register using a password; Date ; Weather (5mins)

Teacher hangs pieces of clothing in a string. These are used to play the game YES/NO. If the teacher says something true they stand still if the teacher says something false they stand up and turn around. (10min)

Word bingo- Students write three items of clothing they are wearing and play bingo. (10mins)

Students play a board game. They will have a time limit to play. When The teacher says stop. They count how any pieces of clothing glue them in their models, describe them and glue them on the walls. ( 30 min)

Self assessment (2mins)

6. Behaviour evaluation (3mins: This is done during the class)

Lesson 3

1. Routine: Register using a password ( today they have to name their favourite piece of clothing); Date ; Weather (7mins)

2. Guess who?
The teacher glues pictures on the classroom’s walls and describes people. Students have to guess the number of the picture that the teacher is describing. (10min)

3. Students draw and describe what they are wearing and do the same to his colleague. (20mins)

4. In groups Students make an acrostic using the word clothes and the vocabulary learned.(7mins)

5. Self assessment (2mins)

6. Behaviour evaluation (3mins: This is done during the class)