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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Playing with animals

These games can be adapted to other themes...

1. Noah's Ark
Students have to find their pair. (male and female) to enter the ark.

2. Blind man
Blindfold a st. who has to find the partner/animal you say just by listen to the sound he makes.

3. Word chain
Divide the class in two teams . tell a player from one team to name an animal, then the player from the other team repeats the word and adds another one and so on. When a mistake is made, give one point to the other team and start again. The first team to get 3 points wins.

4. Unfinished drawings
Draw part of an animal and ask sts to guess what it is.

5. Parrots
Students repeat the sentence the teacher says if it's correct.
e.g. T shows a picture of a bird and says It´s a chicken. Students shouldn't repeat his sentence.

6. Kim's game
Show some flashcards to the class for about 10 seconds. then hide them. They try to remember working in pairs or groups. Depening on the level of the sts they can draw or write sentences.